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Academic Advisory Panel

SIRM’s leadership team is committed to enhancing and streamlining the teaching and learning practices at the institution. In order to achieve this objective, they have established an academic advisory panel consisting of eminent members from academia and industry. The primary aim of this panel is to impart the latest and most effective teaching methodologies and industry practices to the students at SIRM. The panel members are actively involved in teaching at some of the most prestigious universities across the UK, managing academic journals, and also serve as specialists at SIRM where they teach their respective subjects. This ensures that our students receive the most up-to-date and comprehensive education.

Specialist Area: Higher Education, Leadership & Management
Experience:  Arden University, Pearson Education, Office for Students

Dr. Syed Ali Tareq

Dr Syed is a member of the Quality Investigations and Assessment Committee for the Office for Students. He works with distinguished academic members of the UK higher education institutions to create a major overhaul of the current QAA subject benchmark statement for Business and Management at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He is a Principal Lecturer and Deputy Head of School at Arden University’s School of Leadership and Management. Additionally, he serves as a Governing Body Member at the University of Buckingham and is a Dissertation Supervisor for MBA students at the University of Chichester. He teaches Strategic Management, Leading and Managing Change, and Corporate Social Governance at Bucks New University. Dr Syed holds an MSc in Educational Assessment from the University of Oxford, a PhD in Education Management from Liverpool John Moores University, and an MBA (with a major in HRM that is CIPD accredited) with Merit from Anglia Ruskin University. He is also a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy. He provides internal verification of assessments, briefs for Higher Nationals Business programme and teaches the Pitching & Negotiating Skills unit at SIRM.

Specialism: Hospitality & Tourism
Experience:  University of East London, Buckinghamshire New University

Dr. Bassey Ekanem

Dr. Bassey holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree in Hospitality and Tourism from Teesside University in Middlesbrough. He also has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in leadership in the hospitality industry from Liverpool Hope University. In addition, he is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and holds a Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert) in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education from Anglia Ruskin University.

Dr. Bassey currently works as a Hospitality Management Lecturer at the University of East London, and as a programme leader for Hospitality Management at the International Business College Manchester (IBCM). He is also a Hospitality Lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University.

Specialism: Finance, Marketing, Strategy
Experience: South Bank University, Arden University, Pearson Education

Dr. Rishiram Aryal

Dr. Rishiram has been working as a senior lecturer, assessor, and internal verifier in Business for SIRM since 2018. He is also an Associate Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at London South Bank University, as well as an Associate Lecturer and Module Leader at London Metropolitan University. Additionally, he serves as the Programme Lead for Business at Regents College London and is a Standard Verifier at Pearson. Dr. Aryal holds a PhD in Accounting, Finance, and Economics, as well as a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance, both from London South Bank University. He is also a journal reviewer at CBER, which is held at the University of Oxford.

Specialism: Finance, Enterprise, Venture Creation, 
Experience:  University of York St John

Dr. Rana Mohsin Ali

Dr Rana holds a doctorate from University Putra Malaysia, where he conducted research that was funded and titled “Impact of Organizational Culture on Social Media Adoption among Malaysia Academicians.” The study adopted the organizational culture model of Denison and Mishra (1995), the Technology Acceptance Model by Davis (1989), and UTAUT by Venkatesh (2003). He also earned a Master’s in Business Administration from the same university, where he took major courses such as current issues in international business, international trade, business research methods, international HRM, and Accounting for decision making.

Dr Rana is also a fellow at Higher Education Academy and currently works as a Module Director/Lecturer in Business and is the module leader for MBA Business Consultancy Project at York St John University. Additionally, he works as a Lecturer in Business at Mont Rose College, London and at London School of Science and Technology. At SIRM he teaches research project and managing a successful business project.

Specialism: Marketing, Human Resource, Management
Experience:  Derby University, Buckinghamshire New University, Bath Spa University

Ishmael Bartimeus

Ishmael has been a Business Lecturer at SIRM since 2010. He teaches a variety of subjects, including Human Resource Management, Marketing, Innovation and Commercialization, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, Business Strategy, Planning for Growth, and Brand Management. He is also an associate lecturer at several universities including Buckinghamshire New University, where he teaches BA (Hons) Business Studies Business start-up and Research Project Customer Experience. Additionally, he is an associate lecturer at Regent College, Bath Spa University, and Derby University. Ishmael holds a MA in Marketing from the University of Greenwich, a Professional Diploma in Marketing from City University, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Greenwich.

Specialist Area: Hospitality & Events Management
Experience:  University of Wolverhampton, Buckinghamshire New University

Frank Adjei

Frank is a highly skilled professional who holds a Master of Arts in Hospitality & Event Management from the University of Wolverhampton. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from the University of West London, and has practical expertise in Hospitality Supervision, Food Preparation, and Cooking, acquired through NVQ qualifications from Bedford College and Carshalton College. Additionally, he has completed PG CERT in higher education from Anglia Ruskin University. Currently, Frank is engaged in teaching Pearson higher nationals in hospitality management units at SIRM, and hospitality degree programmes at Buckinghamshire New University, and Mont Rose College.

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