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Nicoleta’s journey at SIRM began in October 2022, as a Diploma in Education and Training student. She joined SIRM to change her career trajectory. She wsihed to pursue something in the academic landscape. She not only completed her Diploma in Education and Training but she was able to find a placement necessary to complete her programme through SIRM’s placement office. 

 She took on the role of Student Governor for the academic year. During her time at SIRM, she received tremendous support from her teachers, mentors and academic support team who played a significant role in her academic success by helping her secure a suitable placement for her teaching hours. Through her current support role, she hopes to gain valuable experience working with students and colleagues, while fostering personal responsibility and providing daily support and services. She is confident that this opportunity will allow her to grow both professionally and personally, and help her achieve her career goals in the future. 

Nicoleta has a frst class honors in Buiness Management as well that she completed earlier. 

Nicoleta Schipor

Nicoleta Schipor

SIRM Alumnus and & Student Engagement Officer

My name is Arabela Dragos and I am a DET student at SIRM College. I am a make up artist and through SIRM College one step closer to my dream. My journey as a make-up artist began a few years ago. I was always fascinated by the transformative power of makeup, and I loved experimenting with different products and techniques. As I progressed in my career, I realized that I had a talent for teaching others. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with aspiring artists, helping them develop their skills and reach their full potential. This led me to pursue a career as a trainee teacher, where I could combine my passion for makeup with my desire to help others but I knew I needed some support in this direction if I wanted everything to be perfect and have a successful beginning in this industry and this is where SIRM came into the picture. Enrolling for the DET course came with so many new information ,life experiences ,vision ,goals, classroom management and learning theories. At SIRM I was lucky enough to meet a great teacher/role model and leader of our course ,her name is Kholah and she truly inspired me to become the better version of myself ,both academically and personally .She and the rest of SIRM staff have showed nothing else but respect and support ,they were always willing to take an extra task to help us and as we are getting closer to the end of this amazing journey I can only be happy to have been part of this incredible community .

Arabela Dragos

Arabela Dragos

Pearson DET Alumnus
Class of 2022

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