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Student Services at SIRM

Student Services at SIRM

well-rounded education is about more than just lectures and textbooks; it’s about ensuring students have all the resources they need to thrive academically and personally. At SIRM college, we recognise the diverse needs of our student body and offer a range of student services designed to enhance their academic journey and overall college experience. From honing essential skills to offering emotional support, we are committed to nurturing the holistic development of our students. 


SIRM LIVE - Virtual Learning Environment

SIRM Live – Blended Learning Portal, powered by Moodle, which provides you with a unique and comprehensive learning experience. This platform seamlessly integrates in-person and online learning, allowing you to access a wide range of resources to support your studies. Our Intranet E-Library and Library Catalogue offer instant access to a vast array of resources that are tailored to your needs. You can use these resources to complete your in-class activities and to enhance your online learning experience. Additionally, you will have access to weekly resources, videos, and formative exercises that will help you build your knowledge and skills. You can also view your similarity reports from Turnitin for your draft and final submissions, which will help you understand how to improve your writing. Our Blended Learning Portal is your gateway to a holistic learning experience that will help you achieve your academic goals.

MySIRM – Student Hub

SIRM has a dedicated digital student hub designed to streamline your academic journey, offering a seamless experience for accessing schedules, grades, course materials, and more. From tracking your progress to staying updated on campus events and announcements, this platform is your one-stop solution for staying connected and informed. This centralised hub is your gateway to a holistic learning experience that seamlessly integrates in-person and online education. Navigate through your personalized timetable, ensuring a structured yet flexible approach to your studies. Explore the Intranet E-Library and Library Catalogue, granting you instant access to a vast array of resources at your fingertips. Familiarize yourself with our Assessment, Attendance, Appeals, and Extenuating Circumstances policies, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout your academic journey.

Student Voice

SIRM allows its students a dedicated space for making student voice heard and shaping the educational landscape. This space empowers you to share student insights, ensuring classroom experience aligns with their needs. Students can Provide valuable input through end-of-semester feedback, contributing to ongoing enhancements that benefit both you and future students.

Engage with the Annual National Student Survey, a powerful opportunity to influence the broader academic environment by sharing your opinions.You are also welcome to have your say on your day-to day classroom experience, on campus or online. Can also be accessed via QR codes placed across student common areas and within classrooms. Feedback Portal welcomes your thoughts on campus life, facilities, and support services, allowing us to continually improve. To contribute to student voice surveys, login to MySIRM or access QR codes placed within your Moodle/ Teams/Classrooms.

Library & Learning Resources

SIRM  takes pride in providing extensive library and learning resources to its students. Students can access learning spaces on each floor, dedicated iMacs and laptops-on-demand for research purposes, and access to the EBSCO Database Study Skills modules, as well as our campus WIFI-based library of E-books CALIBRE.

To facilitate students’ learning and research needs, SIRM offers a digital catalogue of the library called Librarika, which enables students to search and loan books on campus. Additionally, all reference books for Higher National Provision are available to students. If the resources a student needs are not available, they can request them, and SIRM will assist them in obtaining them.

SIRM’s library services are open five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, between 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., during term time. Students can book a support session on Study Skills, request technical support for assignment submissions, and request book and laptop loans. SIRM’s library services are designed to provide students with a conducive and supportive learning environment.

Progress Tutors

Navigating the academic world can be a daunting task for students, but having a reliable mentor to turn to can be a game-changer. At SIRM, we offer a comprehensive progress tutor programme that helps students get the most out of their academic experience. Our programme pairs students with experienced peers or faculty members who provide guidance, support, and encouragement throughout their academic journey. Progress tutors not only help students overcome academic challenges, but also provide invaluable advice on career paths and personal development. Our progress tutors serve as personal cheerleaders, motivating students to reach their fullest potential and thrive at SIRM. With the help of our progress tutor programme, students can feel confident and empowered to succeed in their studies and beyond.


Our goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students who may be at risk while simultaneously preserving freedom of speech and instilling a dedication to positive learning and community relations. In order to achieve this objective, we will do the following:

  • Release guidelines and procedures for recognising risk, reporting concerns, and taking action.
  • Treat all safeguarding concerns seriously and report them promptly to the relevant authority, if necessary, including suspicions and allegations of exploitation, harm, or abuse.
  • Guarantee that we have processes in place to verify the suitability of staff and students who have regular contact with or oversee young people and adults susceptible to harm.
  • Offer training to staff who frequently interact with young people and adults at risk of harm.
  • Encourage a culture of trust between those who work, attend, and visit SIRM and young people.
  • Prohibit anyone who poses a risk of harm from working or studying at SIRM.
  • Ensure that staff receive appropriate safeguarding training that is periodically updated.

How to report

We are committed to providing support to all students and staff. We recognize our responsibility to prevent anyone at risk from being lured into illegal activities such as terrorism and identifying vulnerabilities.

We are careful to ensure that our approach is equitable and does not discriminate against any segment of the school community. Our primary focus on the Prevent program is to emphasize the use of current processes that provide welfare, support, and advice to students or staff.

The aim is not to identify “extremism” but to recognize general changes in behaviour that may indicate that individuals require different types of further support and know how to refer them.

We all have a crucial role to play in safeguarding and preventing, so please be alert and report any concerns immediately. All concerns can be reported to, by logging this into your MySIRM Support Ticket System, or by talking with our Safeguarding and Prevent Officers at your campus.

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