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Most important to our approach to teaching, learning and assessment are our Values, which are the guidelines of our (TLA) Principles.  Our educational principles are focused to create a hospitable learning environment through which we can set high expectations from our students and enhances their academic achievement and encourages personal grooming for our students. It helps to equip them with resilience and wider knowledge, skills and behaviors for future endeavors. Our approach to a learning environment is endorsed when all staff are fully devoted to consistently seeking the guidelines to model our morals:

We define our morals to be embedded DEEP in the hearts and minds of our employees

  • Difference: we value each and every contribution that every person makes to our community. And that all students have different skills.
  • Excellence: we aim for excellence in every task and encourage our students to do the same
  • Empowering: we empower our students so they become enabled individuals who are independent and can stand against the whole world
  • Passion: we believe that the passion is most important because if you follow your passion you enjoy your life.

Our educational purpose is supported by the things which are the critical components of our approach to curriculum design, developed through our TLA Principles. Each component is very important to the progress of a fulfilling and varied curriculum design:


TLA Principles

Planning Essentials

Planning challenging learning

Schemes of work and lesson plans gives birth to a great range of T&L principles which inspire and engage students to learn through constantly being challenged.

Involving the wider team

Schemes of work and lesson plans are developed to make sure that a complete view of the student experience is developed for their future.

Visiting professionals & mentoring

The planning of programs will give our students role models so that they may be able to choose their paths.

Challenging and developing behaviors

All plans will include challenging the students and grooming them so that they behave appropriately in the face of a problem.

Target setting

We plan to give our students the skill to set their goals so that they will work hard to attain them at a priority.

Checking progress

Through knowing their progress students will know exactly what they need to do to make further progress.

Assessment Strategy

Planning for assessment enables effective feedback to be delivered in a timely way so that the best plans might be made for progressing forward.

Reflective Planning

all plans that are made are reviewed and through collected data appropriate changes are made accordingly for the betterment.