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Employer Engagement


Employer Engagement Department

At SIRM we believe it’s very important that our students engage with a huge range of various employers as part of their course so that they learn important work skills, hear about the latest industry trends, and see for themselves the opportunities and careers available in their chosen vocational areas by evaluating the market scope.

Our students frequently collaborate with employers as part of their course whether that leads to work experience or appointments, visits, hearing conferences arranged by our esteemed employers, or working on live employer briefs.

Work experience important

We are looking for local employers who possess advanced skills and think critically also who would be prepared to provide work experience for our students, who are currently studying: Business, Health & Social Care and IT. Work experience enables students to gain treasured and transferable skills, so even if your industry is not directly related to a student’s course, it can still turn out to be a huge beneficial factor on both parts.

Work experience opportunities are extremely important for students to gain an understanding of the real-world applications of their courses. By hosting our students, you will be giving young people a great opportunity in those terms. You would also be accessing a rich new talent pipeline to benefit to your own business as well who will have the capability of thinking newer and different ways to improve your business overtime.

Placements are flexible and can be arranged according to your requirements, it is completely your choice to offer a placement for just a few hours a week or would prefer that the placement should be a full day each week for a period of six months.

Other ways to help

We’re also looking for viable employers who would be eager to engage with our students in a range of ways to improve their employability skills.

For example:

  • Hosting guest speaker sessions
  • Mentoring of students
  • Visits to your business
  • internships
  • Live assignment for students to work on them for experience
  • Contributing to employer forums
  • Contributing to professional events
  • Sponsoring student grants and awards

Plus, anything else you feel that you think would be better for our students to excel in the world.

Get involved

At all times we are eager to engage with local and national employers who would be ready to provide work experience and work placement opportunities or engage with our students by delivering a talk or providing a live workspace to groom and evaluate them.

If you are interested contact our Employer Engagement Department at