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Business Shows event – 16-17 Nov 2022

A large group of SIRM’s HN Business students, staff and faculty were given an exciting opportunity to attend ‘London’s most coveted Business show’ for over 20 years, The Business Show has been providing a platform for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or SMEs looking to grow and develop their business for two decades with over 30,000 visitors this years it was one of its kind largest convention. With 200 speakers, and a 150 Master classes, the students at SIRM got the opportunity to attend 750 exhibitors including top technology brands, start ups and business giants. It was a great learning opportunity and was tailored into their learning on the course. At SIRM we believe in experiential learning and teaching beyond the classrooms. To start a business or SMEs looking to grow and develop their business, the show has helped thousands of business owners.

The School of Information Risk Management (SIRM) is known for having a respectable track record of offering exceptional FE/HE programs in various disciplines

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