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About Us

Welcome to SIRM

The School of Information Risk Management (SIRM) is known for having a respectable track record of offering exceptional FE/HE programs in various disciplines. The programs we offer to our students include Business Management, and Education and Training. Our programs are awarded by UK awarding bodies which are approved and recognised by Ofqual

SIRM is working in partnership with East Sussex College Group and delivers the HE courses. SIRM has met all the prospects that are needed to make it known as an institute that provides education of exceptional quality.

SIRM is known as an institute which is an official Training Organization approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency, Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE), Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE), Pearson, City and Guilds, and EAL.

You can also see us available on: Register Of Training Organizations (ROTO)

Our building is easily accessible as it is located in Ilford, East London due to outstanding travel links into central London and Essex. We take our Disability Equality Scheme at SIRM seriously to provide everyone with the same opportunity. We have installed an elevator that goes up to the 4th floor, where the Campus is located. All of the campus is easily accessible through a wheelchair and has a toilet that is especially equipped for our differently able students.


Our Great Vision & Mission


To enhance the knowledge and skills of our students hence helping our economy grow and benefiting society.


Guide our students so that they become heroes of today and leaders of tomorrow.


Principal's Message

As a student at our institute, you are our first priority. Our main goal it to provide you such an environment that you enjoy may your learning, so that it may give you more motivation to work hard so you can be polished to become the best you can be. Your time with us will drive you to achieve all your goals so that you may make your own path hence securing your place in the society.

Our goal is to provide:

  • the best teaching methods to develop your critical thinking and boost your skills
  • extraordinary care and support
  • learning opportunities and experiences that groom your skills and behaviors that are essential
  • real-world experience to face challenges in the real world
  • a welcoming, considerate and safe environment.

We are extremely proud of our repute in our community. Most of all, we are also highly proud of our extremely capable students. They are our future, and we enjoy working on grooming all of them.

We make our students capable for the future challenges that the world may put before them so that they can be easily distinguished from others.

Chris McLean



Once you join SIRM you become a permanent member of our family, that actually means something here. We are always here to assist you, to lend you advice, support, and further learning opportunities. We occasionally also hold employer events for our current students. being part of our family means having the front seat to each and every event possible. We also help you to connect with fellow professionals so that you may collaborate with them. Professionals from SIRM and other universities worldwide.

We also provide you the chance to develop your Curriculum Vitae and to give something back to the community by joining our dedicated volunteers who contribute by giving us their valuable time, exceptional skills, and knowledge to support our students.

If you would like to join our alumni and become our family, then please email


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Our Educational Partner

SIRM has been accreditation / approved by the following organisations: Please click on the tabs given below for more information.