• 13 03 2018

SIRM exhibiting in Redbridge Job Centre Apprenticeship and Jobs Fair on Wednesday, 14th March, 2018. If you are an employer and looking to up-skill your existing staff through apprenticeship scheme OR would like to hire an apprentice; If you are a learner and looking for apprenticeship, Come and talk to us tomorrow on the available placements and qualifications.

Venue details are given below:

Dunne House 564-570

High Road, Seven Kings,

Ilford, IG3 8EJ,London

Nearest Train Station: Seven Kings

For more information please contact our Marketing and Recruitment Manager Ms. Margaret Daly on m.daly@sirm.ac.uk or 020 7078 7029.

www.sirm.ac.uk - info@sirm.ac.uk - 020 7078 7029